We are offering you an essentially new type of buildings having no analogue in Bulgaria and may be in Europe in respect of form, construction and materials. Together with the team of architects who participated in the development of the idea we tried to create a new type of an ecological, multifunctional buildings combining brand new and modem building materials with scientifically proven theories of ecological way of life and work. It is not a secret that the form of a building, the materials used, and its orientation towards the Sun and the planets has an exceptionally strong influence on the mental and physical health of its inhabitants. Always in a hurry and out of breath, subjected to devastating economic pressure, tension and constant stress, we forget where we come from and where we are going to, forget that man is an integral part of the Cosmos, of the Universe, that every man is a small universe himself.
Apart from the developed seven variants, there are opportunities for design and construction of individual

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