How was the idea born?

Have you ever asked yourself what would the building of your dreams look like - the one you would live in and work with pleasure, the one in which you would feel closer to your normal mental equilibrium than ever, and the one, that gives you energy and life force , a feeling of direct touch with Nature.
The answer to this question is surely not one and only. The world is diverse, people are different, but there are Natural Lows, that act and are not in conformity with the fact if we know them, accept them, like them or not. It is not a secret, that shapes and proportions of a buildings, the materials used and its orientation toward the Sun and the planets has extreme impact on the mental and physical health of its dwellers. It may sounds strange, but a building could have good effect on people living in and, on the contrary it could destroy them slowly sapping their vitality.
This knowledge has been available and has been used by the people living thousands of years ago on the lands of today's China, India, Egypt, South America and Mexico.
Living in high technology community, hurrying up, being under pressure and stress everyday, we have to find out a proper way of recreation for attainment of harmony and mental
equilibrium, that we need to great extent in order to survive in today's dynamic times.
We offer you an entirely new philosophical conception, a perfectly new type of buildings which are unique in their shape, construction, materials and effectiveness in Bulgaria and Europe.
We have tried together with the team of architects to create new type of ecological, multifunctional buildings, to combine the latest and modern construction materials with scientifically proved theories of ecological way of living and working.
Apart from the developed seven variants, there are opportunities for design and construction of individual

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