It is not by chance that the motto of this new type of buildings is COSMOS, MAN, NATURE. Equally fit and convenient for family houses, villa settlements, office or shopping projects, these substantially new buildings give us the sense of a direct contact with nature, of harmony and serenity which are so much needed by every man in the dynamic times we live in. In a purely practical aspect this new type of buildings has the following ADVANTAGES compared to traditional construction:
  • use of ecologically clean materials (over 70 per cent wood, minimal quantity of concrete the harmful influence of which on human health is well proven)
  • use of most modern technologies and heat insulating materials that guarantee perfect insulation of the building and comfort to its inhabitants.
  • o minimal energy consumption for heating of the home (the cone shape presupposes preservation of the heat inside the building and minimal loss of thermal energy)
  • quick construction process - 3 to 4 months construction period
  • price - equal to that of an apartment with an identical square surface
  • and last but not the least - mental and physical comfort to the dwellers.
Apart from the developed seven variants, there are opportunities for design and construction of individual

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