What are the basic materials?
  • the "YTONG" bricklayer blocks
  • wooden construction, made of a stuck profile (the material is dried beforehand in a drier and treated with conservants and varnishes of a high quality.
  • Heat insulation materials: - a foam-sheet with aluminum reflective foil "POLIFOAM", made in Japan - mineral wadding "IZOVER", made in Germany - an insulation material "THERMOSHIELD" - NASA's development
  • Hydro isolation - bituminous sheet "BORDOLYN"
  • The joinery - made by triple stuck wooden profile and glass-packet.
  • The wall and ceiling facing - plaster tarboard "KNAUF", made in Germany
  • The floorings:
           - rooms - wooden floor           - corridors, stears, sanitary premises - ceramics
Apart from the developed seven variants, there are opportunities for design and construction of individual

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