What are the innovations and what are the advantages to the traditional building?
  • Choice of place - it should answer certain criteria, when possible, so that the people living in these houses could feel well.
  • Shape - it is borrowed from the pyramidal constructions and corresponds to precisely defined proportions for positive energetic effect on the inhabitants.
  • Situation of the Houses - it is in line with some ancient Indian and Chinese systems on location the building and its premises.
The usage of the latest technologies and heat insulation materials, guarantees a perfect isolation of the building and the inhabitants' comfort.
  • The ecologically pure materials have its place in this kind of building. The predominant material is wood, processed by a special technology, which insures the durability of the construction.
  • There is minimum energy consumption in heating the house. The conical form involves retailing heat inside the building and inferior loss of energy.
  • The time limits of the buildings erection are within 3 to 4 months.
  • The price is no higher than the price for a flat of similar square surface.
Apart from the developed seven variants, there are opportunities for design and construction of individual

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