How Mar MaX ENGINEERING's Houses Influence Mental and Physical Health of Their Dwellers?

Fact No: 1

The eco-houses of MAR MAX ENGINERING neutralize the harmful energy effects from the geopathogenic zones, underlying the ground of the building (these are underground, running and standing waters, increased radioactive values, Hartman's network, Curie's networks). Whenever man has been under the influence of geopathogenic zones for a long period of time, especially if subjected to a combination of two or more of the above factors, lasting, sometimes irreversible physical and mental anomalies arise. The studies conducted by the physical radioesthesia company before and after the construction of such an eco-house have indisputably proven the neutralization of the effect from geopathogenic zones. One may get more information of geopathogenic zones and their effect from the book entitled SIGN OF MAN written by Ivan Todorov.

Fact No: 2

In terms of structure the eco-houses of MAR MAX ENGINEERING are conical pyramids which have the strong points of the positive energy effect of pyramidal structures, in the meantime, of the bigger bulk and space of the conical and oval shape. On the basis of the numerous studies conducted by scholars and researchers in the area of the pyramids' effect, as well as our modest observations and experience, conclusions can be drawn as follows:
- The pyramidal structure built with specific proportions and orientation generates a very good energy balance and positive energy concentration inside a building;
- It normalizes the energy flows and stimulates the energy centers (the so-called chakri) in the human body;
- Measuring the energy status of man before and after spending the night in such an eco-house has found out an intensification of the energy wave by about 4 to 6 units;
- Man needs not more than 5 hours sleep and feels vital and full of energy the next day;
- There exist numerous examples of people who recovered from various diseases (inclusive of grave diseases) under the influence of pyramids. With eco-houses the healing effect is stronger, as it appears to be a big conical pyramid built of ecological materials, timber prevailing, produced by special technology;
- A container of water, placed under the pyramid, absorbs the pyramidal energy and itself transforms in healing energy carrier;
- Seeds, treated under the pyramid, grow earlier and yield better crop;
- The pyramid, by its energy destroys harmful bacteria, prevents organic materials from decay and definitely improves the flavor of food, fruit and vegetables. Upon experimentation with fruits, positioned on the building's third level, it has been found out that they preserve their freshness for a period of two months, as during such period no decaying processes are observed, and then the fruit begin to dry;
- People, involved in meditation activity (mind and body relaxation), communicate that whenever they meditate under a pyramid, the effect is much stronger and they enter in a state of meditation quicker and easier;
The above-described is but a small portion of the positive effect and capacities of pyramidal structures. This is a topic larger than life and we are just beginning to re-discover the capacities of pyramids.
You may learn more about pyramids and their effect in the followings books:
The Mysterious Power of Pyramids, Volume I and II, written by Bogomil Gerasimov;
Fire Inside, written by Carlos Castaneda;
El Poder de las piramides, written by Emilo Salas, Roma Cano;
Pyramid Power, written by Max Toth, Greg Nielsen

Fact No: 3

Eco-houses are completely built of ecological materials as most of them are studied for availability of harmful ingredients and admixtures in advance. This additionally helps for the creation of good microclimate and harmonious environment to the dwellers.

Fact No: 4

When choosing the ground and designing the eco-houses, ancient Indian and Chinese Teachings are applied, providing information of what characteristic features and requirements the ground has to meet, the distribution of rooms in the buildings, the orientation against the Sun and the planets. All this creates not only a good energy balance and a harmonious environment to the dwellers, but promotes their success and successful career in life.

HYPOTHESIS: Living in such type of ecological buildings delays the aging processes of the human body and regenerates the cells in the human organism. This, combined with a healthful mode of life, reduces the effect from the negative influence of stress to which man experiences every day.
If we wish to change our surrounding world to the better, we must begin from ourselves. We must change our lifestyle, our thinking, our communication, our attitude to Nature.

Written by Svetoslav Valchev, M.Sc. Eng
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